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Crossref’s Auto-Update for ORCID records

When publishers register their content with Crossref, we encourage the inclusion of ORCID iDs, unique codes that identify the individual(s) who contributed to that publication.

When an iD is included in the metadata provided to Crossref along with other information about the work such as title, date, and DOI, we can automatically update the author’s ORCID record on publication (with their permission).

Publishers: To support ORCID iDs in your Crossref metadata deposits simply ask for authenticated ORCID iDs upon manuscript submission or acceptance, and then tag the ORCID iD in your metadata deposit. We'll take care of the rest. Several hundred publishers already do this, and several have committed to requiring it during 2016.

Authors: Auto-update means you can avoid manually searching for your publications and adding each one to your ORCID record. Instead, we’ll automatically update your record each time you publish an article, meaning you’ll benefit from a more complete and up-to-date record of your work.

This service is optional for both authors and publishers; authors can still choose to hide/show whatever works they choose, and, of course, have the opportunity to authorize or switch off the integration completely (though future publications may trigger a new request).

If you’re an author with questions about works in your ORCID record please contact ORCID's support team. Publishers may direct any questions to our support team.

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Updated February 11, 2016