funding data FAQs

How much does it cost to participate?
Funders and other participants in scholarly communications may access Funding data for no charge through Funding data search, Crossref Metadata Search, Linked Data and Crossref’s OpenURL APIs.
Crossref Member publishers incur no additional charges to submit Funding data metadata to Crossref. If they wish to display Funding data information on the CrossMark Record tab, they simply pay the effective CrossMark fees. They may use their existing query accounts to retrieve Funding data from Crossref.

Crossref Affiliates will be able to retrieve Funding data through their affiliate accounts at no additional charge.

Do organizations need to join Crossref to participate in Funding data?

Funding agencies and other organizations and individuals that wish to retrieve Funding data do not need to be members or affiliates. Crossref provides several free retrieval services such as Funding data Search, Crossref Metadata Search, and Crossref’s Open URL API. These organizations are welcome to join as members if they wish to assign Crossref DOIs and participate in reference linking. They may also become Crossref Affiliates if they need additional services beyond the free interfaces.

Publishers depositing Funding data must be members of Crossref in good standing, which means they agree to the obligations of membership such as reference linking.

Do publishers need to join crossmark in order to participate in Funding data?

No. Any Crossref Member publisher in good standing who agrees to the Funding data terms and conditions may submit Funding data. In order to take advantage of the standard display of Funding data metadata on the CrossMark Record tab, they must also participate in CrossMark.

Are Crossref member publishers required to participate in Funding data?

Funding data is an optional service for Crossref Member publishers, though we anticipate that many publishers will choose to participate. 

Which manuscript tracking systems will support Funding data?

Three vendors demonstrated support for Funding data during the pilot. They included Editorial Manager from Aries Systems, eJournal Press, and ScholarOne from Thomson Reuters. Our understanding is that these vendors are planning to roll out Funding data functionality shortly.

What if my organization doesn’t use one of these manuscript tracking systems?

Please contact us at and tell us which system you use. We will be happy to work with you to encourage your vendor to implement the Open Funder Registry. If you have a proprietary system, it is possible to incorporate Funding data into your system. For example, the Optical Society of America has incorporated Funding data into its proprietary system.

Can publishers submit multiple funders and award numbers?

Yes, the Crossref schema supporting Funding data allows multiple funders for a single article and multiple award numbers for a single funder.

Must participating publishers display the fundref data?

Funding data participants should display funder names and grant numbers on their DOI response pages wherever possible. The best way to ensure automatic and standardized display is via the CrossMark service, where Funding data will automatically appear in the Record tab.

What is the Open Funder Registry?

The Open Funder Registry is a taxonomy of over 10000 worldwide funder names with abbreviations and alternate names. Crossref Member publisher Elsevier is the current data provider for the Open Funder Registry and has donated and agreed to maintain the taxonomy they use for SciVal.

Is the Open Funder Registry freely available?

Yes, the Open Funder Registry is openly available with a CC0 license. Anyone can download and use the registry to gather funder identifier information against the Open Funder Registry’s controlled vocabulary, even if they don't participate in Crossref or assign DOIs.

Does the Open Funder Registry support divisions or subsections of funding agencies?

Yes, the Open Funder Registry includes divisions. For example, it includes the US Department of Defense, and the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, the Army Research Office, and the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

How will the Open Funder Registry be maintained?

Publishers have the ability to submit funder names that are not in the existing Open Funder Registry . These submissions will be evaluated for possible inclusion in the taxonomy. Suggested additions and changes to the registry may also be submitted by email to

What publishers and agencies are participating?

Currently the only Funding data that is available is from publishers who participated in the pilot. Crossref will update the Funding data web page as additional publishers sign up. Agencies do not need to be official participants order for their funding data to be deposited by participating publishers. For example, although the National Institutes of Health were not part of the pilot, publishers have submitted NIH as a funding agency, and you can retrieve those records by typing “National Institutes of Health” in Funding data Search.

How much Funding data is there?

Funding data currently includes a limited amount of data from the publishers and funders who participated in the pilot project from March 2012-March 2013. You can search for this data using Funding data Search like other Crossref services, Funding data benefits from network effects. The more publishers that contribute funding data, the more valuable the service is to the community. We anticipate that many publishers will begin to contribute data between now and the end of 2013. As more publishers participate, we will provide updates to the number of records available.

Will Funding data include data for previously published scholarly content?

Publishers have the ability to add Funding data metadata to older content, and are encouraged to do so. However, we anticipate that because of the integration with the submission process, we are likely to see more Funding data for current content for the foreseeable future.

How can i look at the existing fundref data?
Use Funding data Search. Try searching for “National Institutes of Health”, National Aeronautics and Space Administration”, or “Wellcome Trust.” You can also see funding data in Crossref Metadata Search. Try searching “Characterization of the transport topology in patient-specific abdominal aortic aneurysm models.”

How can publishers find out how to get started?
Please register for an upcoming webinar or view the recordings of recent webinars.

For more information please contact:

Updated December 17, 2015