The following publishers have enabled reference links utilizing the CrossRef system. The sample articles below have been provided by the publishers to demonstrate CrossRef-enabled links. The links will appear in a few different formats, depending on the preferences of each publisher (for example: CrossRef button or "Article"). The reference links are real and link to the cited publishers' websites.
NOTE: The articles below are sample articles provided by the publishers solely for demonstration purposes -- CrossRef does not host or provide access to full text articles or other types of content. CrossRef provides a system that enables publishers to add links to their references.

Gallery of reference pages
(sample articles for demonstration purposes only)
Synergy Blackwell Synergy
European Journal of Biochemistry

Nature Nature - International Weekly
Journal of Science
Sample Article:

Science Science Magazine
Sample Article:

ScienceDirect ScienceDirect [Elsevier]
Pharmacology & Therapeutics

LINK SpringerLink
Archives of Microbiology

Taylor & Francis Taylor & Francis on ingenta select
Sample Article:


InterScience Wiley InterScience
Developmental Dynamics
Human Mutation

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