affiliate rules
  1. Affiliates must sign and abide by the term of the appropriate Crossref Affiliate Agreement.
  2. Affiliates must pay the fees listed in the Crossref Schedule of Fees.
  3. The Annual Administrative Fee is based on the annual revenue of the largest business unit of the Affiliate organization.
  4. There are no per-DOI retrieval fees. There are no fees based on the number of links created with the Crossref DOIs.
  5. Affiliates may "cache" retrieved Crossref DOIs (i.e. store them in their local systems).
  6. The copyright owner of a publication has the sole authority to designate, or authorize an agent to designate, the depositor and resolution URLs for content that appears in that publication.
  7. A primary journal (whether it is hosted by the publisher or included in an aggregator or database service) must be deposited in the Crossref system before a Crossref Member or Affiliate can retrieve Crossref DOIs for references in that article. For example, an Affiliate that hosts full text articles can only lookup DOIs for references in an article if that journal's publisher is a PILA Member and is depositing metadata for that journal in the Crossref System.
Updated March 1, 2016