sponsoring member

Organizations who act as publishers by operating multi-publisher online journal collections are now eligible for full membership
in CrossRef under the following terms and conditions:

(1) A "Sponsoring Member" (henceforth SM) will undertake all membership activities and obligations on behalf of a Sponsored Publisher (SP). The SM must deposit, in a timely fashion, all the content from SPs or all the content in the relevant online collection, and administer payment of all CrossRef fees on behalf of SPs.

(2) SPs will not be required to become CrossRef members in their own right unless they choose to register content not hosted by an SM, but CrossRef membership is always an option for them.

(3) The SM's annual membership fee to CrossRef will be based on the aggregate gross publishing revenue of the SPs, or the gross publishing revenue of the collection where the SPs' content is sold/licensed as a package by the SM.

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