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Why join Crossref

When we created Crossref back in early 2000, none of us could have anticipated how successful the initiative would become in just a few short years. Crossref is now best known as the association behind publishing's preeminent shared digital infrastructure -- a citation linking network that spans millions of resources (including journals, books, conferences, dissertations, datasets, gray literature and other materials), across several centuries, representing the interests of hundreds of publishers.

The reasons for Crossref's success are pretty clear:

(1) Crossref links are *stable* links, and the value of persistence in the digital age can't be overestimated.
(2) Links drive traffic. When you register your content with Crossref, it automatically becomes "visible" for linking by all the other users of the service.
(3) Our core linking service is about taking readers reliably to the content provider's front door, whatever your access model might be.
(4) Publishers and other content providers have found Crossref to be a fertile environment for collaboration on new technologies to improve the online research experience, and they enjoy being a part of the Crossref community.

So if you publish academic content and you aren't already a member, please consider this an invitation to join. You may enjoy this 1-minute animated introduction to the Crossref concept.

Or view our pre-recorded Introduction to Crossref webinar with slides (ARF) (may require a webex player ).

How to become a member.

Please start by filling out this online application. We will review it and be in touch within a week.

We charge two types of fees. Our annual membership fee is based on a company's gross publishing revenue. You will also be charged a small deposit fee for each DOI record you register with Crossref. Please see our publishers fees page for detailed, up-to-date information on fees.

Upon joining you will receive a Crossref account, membership login information, a DOI prefix and an invoice for the initial annual fee. DOI deposit fees are billed on a quarterly basis.

Some technical considerations.
Crossref offers both XML-based and non-XML implementation options. You can either manage the XML process on your own, or contact one of our Crossref Service Providers who may assist you with assigning DOIs and creating outbound reference links. Crossref Service Providers may charge fees in addition to what you pay to Crossref for your annual membership and deposit fees.

If you are a small publisher without XML capabilities but want to manage your Crossref DOIs on your own, you may use our web deposit form for registering DOIs and our Simple Text Query for retrieving DOIs to create outbound links. But you will still want to familiarize yourself with our system. For technical information, please to go Crossref Help. You may find additional information on our Resources for Small Publishers page.

By the way, we strongly recommend that new publishers getting started with Crossref deposit their references, where applicable, as part of the DOI registration process. This will allow you to participate in Cited-by Linking from the start. References for Cited-by Linking can also be cut & pasted into the system using the Simple Text Query form mentioned above.

Updated December 7, 2015